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Yat Bentley Centre for Performance Vancouver

Winter 2020 - Spring 2021


Term Dates: January 4th - March 27th 2021 

Yat Method Classes (via zoom)

Fridays 10am-12:30pm


This class provides the opportunity to create character through movement and encourages moving beyond your comfort zone to create a physicality very different to your own. 

Performers will create a unique character through weight, space, time and flow in various combinations. This class is a platform to break type-casting and is widely used by actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Cate Blanchet, Colin Firth and Anthony Hopkins.


Students work through imaginative scenarios (identifying each Inner Attitude) and solidifying a unique character and the beginnings of a one person show. 

Fee: $360 (12 weeks) or $120 (4 weeks) 

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“Like playing a piano, actors should use every note and chord available in their being, not just the notes they've learned early on.” Tom Bentley-Fisher

Stanislavsky Fundamentals Classes via zoom

January 2021-March 2021

Term Dates: January 4th - March 27th 2021


Wednesdays: 10am-12:30pm (PT) Stanislavski Fundamentals

This course will provide the fundamental principles of Stanislavski Method with focus on his later working with text and improvisation. Students will achieve a basic foundation in acting and analysing text

Focused on Stanislavski’s approach to acting in his later years and a

springboard for Yat’s work and most actor training techniques. Students

will focus on:

Method of Physical Actions

Active Analysis


Emotion Memory




Fee: $360 (12 weeks) or $120 (4 weeks)/ month 

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