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Yat Bentley Centre for Performance Vancouver

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021


Yat Method Classes (via zoom)

Term Dates: October 19th - December 7th 2020 

Fee: $240 (8 weeks) or $120 (4 weeks) 


This class provides the opportunity to create character through movement and encourages moving beyond your comfort zone to create a physicality very different to your own. 

Performers will create a unique character through weight, space, time and flow in various combinations. This class is a platform to break type-casting and is widely used by actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Cate Blanchet, Colin Firth and Anthony Hopkins.


Students work through imaginative scenarios (identifying each Inner Attitude) and solidifying a unique character and the beginnings of a one person show. 

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“Like playing a piano, actors should use every note and chord available in their being, not just the notes they've learned early on.” Tom Bentley-Fisher

Stanislavsky Fundamentals Classes via zoom

September 2020-June 2020

Term Dates: October 19th - December 7th 2020 

Fee: $240 (8 weeks) or $120 (4 weeks) 

Focused on Stanislavski’s approach to acting in his later years and a

springboard for Yat’s work and most actor training techniques. Students

will focus on:

Method of Physical Actions

Active Analysis


Emotion Memory



Mondays: 10-12:30 (PT) / 6pm-8:30pm (GMT) Stanislavski Fundamentals

This course will provide the fundamental principles of Stanislavski Method with focus on his later working with text and improvisation. Students will achieve a basic foundation in acting and analysing text. 


Wednesdays: 10-12:30 (PT) / 6pm-8:30pm (GMT) Imagination: Actors moving with Laban

This is a movement based course aimed at approaching text through the body and the various ways to become embodied through voice and movement as an actor and artist. This course will culminate in individual student show cases. 

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